Alami says he answered May’s ad for an Infinity G37 and says he took $13,000 to the Walmart Parking Lot on Austin Peay. Yep. I know I would take $13,000 to a parking lot and swap it for a car! Amazing what a strong case of GREED will do. In some cases, they were so small they were measured in square feet.One land owner got $4,000 to sell 4 square feet.The state bought a little more than an acre from Brock Hill, former executive of nearby Cumberland County and now a deputy commissioner at the Department of Environment and Conservation.He didn get a fortune at just less than $7,000.”I was unaware there was anyone on this that had a connection until your story started talking about it,” Degges said.Another $24,000 went to the Rogers Group for a rocky 5.6 acre ridge. And the Rogers Group got something else, too. It was awarded the state contract when it won the low bid to build a new interchange.”We bought their mountain, now we paying them to blast it and haul it away?” asked Channel 4 I Team Demetria Kalodimos.”To be able to get this interchange to tie in safely, we had to move Old State Route 42 over far enough so we could have safe movements,” Degges said.

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Stair treads are undoubtedly a very nice thing. However, they are absolute hell on bare feet. The difficulty is that they are placed, logically enough, on the edge of the step where a descending foot is mot likely to strike and also right where a descending bare foot is most likely to rest momentarily and then rise rapidly into the air accompanied by a yelp, thinking it had just stepped on a tack.

“You can’t make decisions in a city that’s structured that way,” Husing said. “I’ve been watching it for 50 years, and every attempt to change it has failed.” Only a vote by taxpayers could eliminate the charter form of government that has existed in San Bernardino since its incorporation in 1857. Several attempts have been made with ballot measures over the years but all have failed, Husing said.

I was a Bernie Sanders supporter. I caucused for him here in Maine, and I was proud to do so. I was a Ralph Nader supporter back in 2000. Overall, this costume probably won’t cost you anything. If you don’t have a plaid shirt, check the thrift store. We got ours for about $2.

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