It really is.”The site is based out of Dallas, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says his office has been investigating the company with help from the Attorney General of California. Paxton says his investigators spoke with many sex trafficking victims during their investigation. “Sex trafficking victims were repeatedly advertised in Backpage’s escort offerings,” he said.

There are also $3 snacks like the Saucebox fries or mixed mochi Discount hockey Jerseys (strawberry and mango), and some vegetable potstickers or Brussels sprouts for $4. If you’ve got a bigger appetite, I’d co sign a plate of the tofu or chicken pad Thai ($5), or one of the three burgers (all $6) on the menu. Just make sure you get a drink.

But for me and all my cohort, this is the most tragic news since the University of Colorado raised our tuition the last time. For us, Juanita’s was a staple of the night social scene. It was cheap, it was casual and it was most definitely a necessary stop on our bar hopping route, every time..

To the average drinker, cognac is something reserved for special occasions and the ultra rich. The name alone conjures up powerful men in bespoke suits gathered around a fireplace twirling their mustaches and plotting hostile takeovers, or blinged out rappers flush with cash and Courvoisier bought with the spoils of a new record deal. Either way, few consider it a drink for the “common man.” But, while some cognacs do have astronomical price tags, there are plenty of bottles perfect for a quiet evening at home with a movie and loved ones of legal drinking age..

The foundation was looking for a low cost solution that would deliver clean, potable water to families who live where chlorine treated city water can’t reach them. They drink the local spring water, and often suffer from waterborne diseases caused by bacteria. They are extremely poor, and the infant mortality rate is nearly 15 percent..

So you”re in college, and you”re hungry. While college is often a time when beer is considered one of the four food groups, you know about nutrition and want to fortify your body with the right stuff. Perhaps you”re learning about pesticides and the benefits of sustainable farming.

If you looking at the possibility of starting your own low investment franchise, chances are good that you heard some information about low cost franchises that may not be entirely accurate. Whether those tales were told to you by someone else or you managed to conjure them up on your own, it important to bring them to light and know what the truth is. Here are 6 common myths about cheap franchises that you simply shouldn believe.

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