The Russell 2000 lost the most, 5.9 percent. Might enter another recession and as Europe’s debt crisis flared up again. After Tuesday’s gain, the S is down 15percent since it hit its high for year on April29. The WSJ on how to make city housing more affordable, which basically comes down to allowing more supply and variety rather than affordable housing programs, which are inherently very limited. Houston might be the best at the country at this, including the lack of zoning easily enabling townhomes, duplexes, apartment mid and high rises. Also has the novel although exceedingly difficult suggestion of improving schools so homes in those districts become more competitive.

Pick your favorite bright color, and then find a muted one for the second half of your two tone crewneck top. Then pair it with a slightly darker (and rumpled) corduroy or chino from a mega brand like Uniqlo or Dockers, both of which both give you plenty of options. Stick a cheap white T shirt underneath, and you good to hit the bar or hang with friends..

A few weeks ago, she shared her story with another Midstate bowler, Mary Ann Hartman, who says, was just truly amazed because I never met anyone that was that gifted. Ann bowls with Rusty every Friday at ABC North. They are members of a special league called the To play, athletes must be more than 50 years old..

The best place to buy your first bike is not the internet, either. If you’re serious about getting the best bike for your buck, you need to find a specialist bike retailer. Chances are better than even that you’ll be coming back to them time and again for advice, spares and repairs, and if you build a good relationship early, it’ll far outweigh any savings you may make buying a bike online..

Helium for weather balloons is expensive and drones are cheap and easy to fly, said Guest. Think Cheap NFL Jerseys there is a big future in using these UAVs to perform meteorological measurements. Would like to see all Navy aircraft carry weather sensors which could help predict how electromagnetic transmissions like radio and radar affected by atmosphere would perform..

It explores America. No other show has ever done this before quite like this; “1776″ looks naive and archaic by comparison. “Hamilton” employs anachronistic cultural reference better than any show I’ve ever seen. Oil production to cool off, weighing on profits from energy companies and the economies of states like Texas and North Dakota. The threat of billions of dollars of oil loans imploding raises the risk of trouble in the banking sector. Chaos in the oil patch is causing junk bond yields to spike, especially in the energy sector.

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