George, you need a course or two in logic and critical thinking. IF the teacher union was not interested in protecting teachers, HOW can they expect to make money from dues? Logic tells us if all they are interested in is collecting dues, they want MORE not LESS jerseys As far as less teachers meaning an excuse to raise taxes please explain the logic and critical thinking you used to arrive at that conclusion, as it makes no more sense than your contention that the union isn interested in teachers!.

President elect Donald Trump outlined plans on Monday for his first day in office, including withdrawing from a major trade accord and investigating abuses of work visa programs, and met with Cabinet hopefuls at his Manhattan office tower. Representative Tulsi Gabbard and former Texas Governor Rick Perry. But he announced no further appointments, keeping candidates and the public guessing about the shape of the administration that will take office on Jan.

The industry has entered a new era, it’s characterized by more modest growth due to the continuing impact of new generic products, fewer and more narrowly indicated medications and closer scrutiny of safety issues.At the same time big selling, high profit drugs were coming off patent. New medicines represented just $ 441 billion of total sales in 2007, reflecting the slowest period for product launches in the past three decades.Even though safety issues contributed to significantly lower than expected sales for products, it only accounted for approximately 10 percent of total prescription sales.Here’s what is very disturbing to me. Look at this informationLipitor tops the list at $8.4 billion in sales for high cholesterolZoloft tops the list at 3.1 billion for depressionEpogen tops the list at 3.0 billion for anemiaNexium tops the list at $4.4 billion for heartburnAdvair tops the list at 3.6 billion for asthmaEnbrel tops the list at $2.7 billion for rheumatoid arthritisVytorin tops the list at $917 billion for high cholesterolHere’s the facts, ladies and gentlemen.

The talk across Stuart Lancaster’s squad is of “respecting the jersey”, acknowledging its history and the “journey” it has been on. Brown,
as with all the current squad, readily trots out the mantra and it clearly means something to him, especially given his early experiences under previous England regimes. He talks glowingly of the “culture” Lancaster has instigated, an ethos far removed from the muddle and confusion of his first taste of international rugby..

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