During a recent week, a number of us were victimized by a woman who passed counterfeit money to about five businesses in town, as well as some in Lenox. Due to the shortage of police officers on duty, we were not able to reach an officer in the few minutes we had to try and catch this person. However, according to some folks in town, we are adequately policed.

Fortunately for us, there are no such problems this year. However, California drivers are again paying the highest average price, outside of Hawaii and Alaska, at $3.95 per gallon, according to AAA, OPIS and Wright Express. The lucky people of South Carolina drivers are paying the least, at $3.11 per gallon.

Interesting article on fire ants. Until now, I never had heard anyone in town actually admit to believing in the lefty hoax of global warming. You may want to validate that heart felt dogma with some Bostonians, who just endured a record annual snowfall.

Has done a good job of making tablets affordable for the masses. The new Fire tablet is Amazon cheapest yet, joining a fall lineup that maxes out at $230 ($15 more if you want Amazon to remove ads on the lock screen). By contrast, Apple iPads start at $269, ad free..

As for Muskrat itself, Marshall says they are talking with other major contractors about finishing the project should the primary builder, Astaldi, walk out. An interim contract is in place between Nalcor and Astaldi until the end of the year. Marshall notes that it would be costly and difficult to replace Astaldi at this stage..

They’ll team up on coding projects designed to directly affect their schools and https://www.cheapsoccerjerseyspurchase.com/ communities so they can see the real world implications of their work.Under the mentorship of local tech professionals, the girls will create apps, digital storyboards, animated movies, learning games or websites.Instructors will come from the Computer Information Systems Department and Computers For Children, a nonprofit organization based in Buffalo. Additional instruction will come from the female coders of Girl Develop It. Girl Scouts of Western New York staff will provide leadership instruction.

First known as one of the great power hitters of the 80s and 90s, there are some who now call Jose Canseco the “Woodward and Bernstein” of the Steroids Scandal because of his tell all book Juiced. While he did shed some light on an important issue, there is one distinct difference: Woody and the B Dog wrote their book because they wanted to bring a Wholesale Cheap Jerseys From China corrupt President to justice because they were great journalists. Canseco wanted to make some money ratting out his old buddies because he’s a douche.

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