Each month the bookselling industry’s trade magazine The Bookseller brings news of another bookshop biting the dust. The cult crime bookshop Murder One, in London’s Charing Cross, is one of thelatest to go, killed by Internet shopping and competition from supermarkets and chain bookstores, who have more clout to buy cheap and pile high.More than 50 independent booksellers closed last year in the UK more than one a week but looking at the Jericho area of Oxford, it seems that the dream is far from dead.In the past few months, not one but two bookshops have opened opposite each other in Walton Street. Neither owner is a novice, and both believe that independent bookshops have a future.Nick Walsh and Jake Pumphrey chose an apposite name for their bargain bookshop, at which everything costs 2.

“My big splurge for the day was $1.09 for coffee at McDonalds,” she said, noting she had to forego her usual mocha for the most basic black beverage. With $3.40 remaining, Clark said she went bargain hunting at Kroger and was elated to discover she had enough to buy store brand peanut butter as well as a “manager’s special” loaf of white bread, with a little more than a dollar left over. Clark said she “walked around the store for 15 minutes” carrying an inexpensive bag of small Almond Joy candy bars, but instead decided to invest her remaining funds in a four pack of snack puddings because the treats also provided a full helping of calcium..

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1417 S. Main Chapel Way in GambrillsThe Waugh Chapel Towne Centre has fashion, food and film. The Regal Cinemas Waugh Chapel 12 also has an IMAX theater. Pick up and drop off parking is immediately in front of the terminal where the first half hour is free; each additional half hour costs one dollar up to $18 a day. Sky Harbor in Phoenix charges $4 an hour in all lots with varying day long prices ($9 to $25). When you return to either airport and go to get your car, expect difficulty finding it in the uncovered parking lots because your blue car has now turned grey..

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